Welcome to Top Spirits: Our vodka varieties and liqueur varieties

    Welcome to the exquisite world of our vodka varieties and liqueur varieties at Top Spirits. Discover a diverse range of high-quality spirits that are made with care and expertise to make every glass a special enjoyment experience. Whether you are a connoisseur or simply looking for new taste experiences, our selection will exceed your expectations.

    Discover our premium vodka varieties

    Agimat At Ugat Vodka, with an alcohol content of 40%, is one of our premium vodka varieties known for its purity and robust character. This vodka is the result of traditional distillation art combined with modern technologies to ensure an unparalleled flavor profile.

    Explore our exclusive liqueurs

    In addition to vodka, we also offer exclusive liqueurs, such as the Gayuma Liqueur - Lychee & Lemongrass with 17% vol. This liqueur combines the sweet and citrusy notes of lychee with the fresh aroma of lemongrass, making it a perfect ingredient in innovative cocktails.

    Innovative flavors in our vodka varieties

    Our vodka varieties also include the unique Bacon Vodka, which with 40% ABV brings a smoky note to your drinks. It's ideal for cocktails that require a bold, distinctive flavor and forms a perfect base for creative mixed drinks.

    For lovers of sweeter notes we have the Kanto - Perya Popcorn Vodka and the Kanto - Salted Caramel Vodka, both with 20% alcohol content. These flavored vodkas pay homage to classic flavors that delight both neat and in dessert cocktails.

    Discover the Ube Cream Liqueur

    The Ube Cream Liqueur - cream liqueur with 17% vol. is another special feature in our liqueur collection. This liqueur impresses with its creamy taste and subtle notes of ube, a Filipino yam, which gives it a natural sweetness.

    Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

    Our vodka varieties and liqueur varieties are not only an expression of quality and tradition, but also a testimony to our dedication to creating innovative and unique taste experiences. Each product in our collection is designed to delight both newcomers to the world of spirits and seasoned connoisseurs.

    Visit us and explore the variety of our vodka and liqueur varieties. Whether you're looking for a robust vodka for a bold martini or a sweet liqueur for a relaxed evening, you're guaranteed to find the perfect drink for every occasion.

    At Top Spirits we value customer satisfaction and quality. Every bottle in our selection reflects our commitment to excellence. Trust in our expertise and let our vodka varieties and liqueur varieties take you to new taste heights. Enjoy the variety each bottle has to offer and make every drinking experience an unforgettable one.