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    Discover the world of exquisite liqueurs at Topspirits

    Welcome to the fascinating world of Topspirits, your ultimate destination for premium liqueurs made with dedication and a deep understanding of traditional craftsmanship. Our collection, led by our Ube Cream Liqueur and Gayuma Liqueur, represents the best of innovation and cultural heritage.

    Ube Cream Liqueur - Nut Liqueur | 17% alcohol

    Our award-winning Ube Cream Liqueur is a masterpiece of liqueur art, created in the sun-drenched fields of the Philippines. Not only is it recognized as the world's best cream liqueur of 2022, but also for its contribution to sustainable agriculture and local communities.

    Key Features

    • Awards: World Best Cream Liqueur 2022 (World Drinks Awards), Platinum Medal (SIP Awards 2023), Gold Medal (San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2023).
    • Sustainability: Our zero-waste distillery underlines our commitment to environmental protection while promoting local heritage.
    • Enjoyment: Ideal chilled, neat or in creative cocktails - discover the versatility of Ube Cream Liqueur in mixology.

    Gayuma Liqueur - Lychee & Lemongrass | 17% alcohol

    A work of art of distillation, Gayuma Liqueur is an ode to exoticism with its unique blend of lychee, lemongrass and a hint of vacuum-distilled smoke distillate. His awards at the SIP Awards speak for themselves.

    Key Features

    • Awards: Gold Medal (SIP Awards 2021), Platinum Medal (SIP Awards 2023).
    • Innovation: By using natural dyes, we set new standards in liqueur production.
    • Experience: Gayuma Liqueur is perfect for innovative cocktails or for pure enjoyment and brings an extraordinary touch to any collection.

    Why choose Topspirits for liqueurs?

    Topspirits stands for excellent liqueurs that are produced with passion and a commitment to quality and sustainability. Our liqueurs, from the Philippine island of Malay, offer an incomparable taste experience that invigorates the senses and touches the soul.

    Product overview

    product Alcohol content Main ingredients Awards
    Ube cream liqueur 17% Ube, sugar cane vodka, full cream World's Best Cream Liqueur 2022, Platinum Medal SIP Awards 2023, Gold Medal San Francisco 2023
    Gayuma liqueur 17% Lychee, lemongrass, smoke distillate Gold medal SIP Awards 2021, Platinum medal SIP Awards 2023

    Discover Topspirits liqueurs

    Immerse yourself in the world of Topspirits liqueurs, where every glass tells a story of tradition, quality and pure joy. Discover our selection and find your perfect liqueur that will invigorate your senses and create unforgettable moments.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our liqueurs:

    What makes Topspirits liqueurs unique?

    Topspirits liqueurs are characterized by their craftsmanship, unique flavors and sustainable production methods. Our distillery in the Philippines uses local ingredients and promotes traditional craftsmanship, giving our liquors a distinctive character.

    How can I best enjoy Topspirits liqueurs?

    Topspirits liqueurs can be enjoyed neat, chilled or as part of cocktails. We recommend enjoying the Ube Cream Liqueur over ice or in a cocktail, while the Gayuma Liqueur is ideal for refreshing mixed drinks.

    What sustainability practices does Topspirits follow in production?

    We rely on zero-waste production, work closely with local farmers and use sustainable resources to protect the environment and support the local economy. Our efforts also include using natural ingredients and minimizing energy consumption.