Bacon Vodka | 40% Vol. | Topspirits
Bacon Vodka | 40% Vol. | Topspirits
Bacon Vodka | 40% Vol. | Topspirits
Bacon Vodka | 40% Vol. | Topspirits
Bacon Vodka | 40% Vol. | Topspirits
Bacon Vodka | 40% Vol. | Topspirits
Bacon Vodka | 40% Vol. | Topspirits
Bacon Vodka | 40% Vol. | Topspirits
Bacon Vodka | 40% Vol. | Topspirits

Bacon Vodka | 40% Vol.

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Discover Bacon Vodka | Asia's first premium vodka with bacon

Welcome to the world of vodka, presented by an innovation that will redefine your ideas of perfect cocktails: Bacon Vodka | 40% Vol. This bacon flavored vodka combines traditional taste with an exciting, culinary twist and is particularly suitable for preparing a perfect Bloody Mary.

Unique manufacturing methods

The special feature of Bacon Vodka lies in its production. The starting point is pure sugar cane from the fertile fields of Negros in the Philippines. This vodka gets its characteristic aroma from an innovative infusion with freshly smoked bacon and carefully selected smoked spices. The careful combination of these ingredients is carried out over 48 hours to fully develop the deep and complex flavors.

Vacuum distillation – The secret behind the aroma

After the infusion, the crucial phase of vacuum distillation follows. This technique allows the rich and intense flavors to be extracted at a lower temperature, making the vodka particularly flavorful. This method guarantees that the unique flavor of Bacon Vodka is preserved in every drop, ideal for making Bloody Marys and other savory cocktails.

Perfect for Bloody Marys and more

Bacon Vodka is not only an excellent base for a classic Bloody Mary, but also provides a versatile base for many other savory cocktail creations. Its rich and smoky notes give each drink a distinctive depth that traditional vodkas simply cannot provide.

A must for innovative cocktail creations

Whether for use in your own bar at home or in professional restaurants, Bacon Vodka offers countless possibilities for creative and impressive cocktails. This vodka proves that innovation and tradition go hand in hand and opens up new avenues for the art of cocktails.

Discover Bacon Vodka for your next beverage experience and be inspired by its exceptional taste. Bacon Vodka – a masterpiece that should not be missing from any collection.

Volume: 700 ml | Alcohol content: 40%

The product is only sold to people over 18 years old.

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