Kanto - Perya Popcorn Vodka | 20% Vol. | Topspirits
Kanto - Perya Popcorn Vodka | 20% Vol. | Topspirits
Kanto - Perya Popcorn Vodka | 20% Vol. | Topspirits
Kanto - Perya Popcorn Vodka | 20% Vol. | Topspirits
Kanto - Perya Popcorn Vodka | 20% Vol. | Topspirits

Kanto - Perya Popcorn Vodka | 20% Vol.

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Introduction to the world of unique Vodka Popcorn

Let yourself be carried away into the fascinating world of vodka , enriched by a very special flavor: KANTO - Perya Popcorn Vodka . This innovative popcorn vodka was created not only to pamper the palate, but also to celebrate cultural experiences. Kanto - Perya Popcorn Vodka , with 20% ABV, is a tribute to the vibrant drinking culture of the Philippines and was developed to make shared moments with friends an unforgettable experience.

Awards and Recognitions

In 2021, the Popcorn Vodka was awarded the silver medal at the prestigious SIP Awards International Spirit competition in California, USA. This competition is known for being the only internationally recognized spirits competition judged solely by consumers. Recognition at the SIP Awards confirms the exceptional quality and unique taste of KANTO - Perya Popcorn Vodka , which sets it apart from other spirits.

A tribute to Filipino culture

The name “Perya Popcorn” brings back memories of first encountering popcorn at local fairs – a nostalgic touch that many Filipinos treasure. Kanto was created to honor the unique style of Filipino drinking culture and create a drink ideal for sharing. This vision is reflected in every sip of Vodka Popcorn .

The manufacturing process

Kanto - Perya Popcorn Vodka is a delicious blend of the finest sugarcane vodka, carefully distilled on the island of Negros. This vodka is then infused with a subtle popcorn flavor, giving it its characteristic aroma. The careful craftsmanship and unique aroma make this vodka a perfect choice for anyone looking for a new and exciting taste experience.

Perfect for social occasions

Thanks to its original flavor profile , Kanto - Perya Popcorn Vodka is ideal for a variety of cocktails. Whether in a classic vodka soda to emphasize the popcorn notes or in more creative mixed drinks tailored to its unique character, this vodka brings joy and originality to every drink. Ideal for parties or cozy evenings with friends, Kanto - Perya Popcorn Vodka is a must for anyone who wants to surprise their guests with something special.

In conclusion, Kanto - Perya Popcorn Vodka is not just a spirit, but an experience that combines tradition, culture and innovation. Its international recognition and deep roots in Filipino culture make it an excellent choice for vodka lovers worldwide. Experience for yourself how Kanto - Perya Popcorn Vodka can enrich your cocktail art and social gatherings. Discover the variety and charm of this exceptional Vodka Popcorn and make every occasion something very special.

Volume: 700 ml | Alcohol content: 20%

The product is only sold to people over 18 years old.

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