Gayuma Likör - Litschi & Zitronengras | 17% Vol. | Topspirits
Gayuma Likör - Litschi & Zitronengras | 17% Vol. | Topspirits
Gayuma Likör - Litschi & Zitronengras | 17% Vol. | Topspirits
Gayuma Likör - Litschi & Zitronengras | 17% Vol. | Topspirits
Gayuma Likör - Litschi & Zitronengras | 17% Vol. | Topspirits

Gayuma Liqueur - Lychee & Lemongrass | 17% Vol.

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An award-winning liqueur for fine palates

Welcome to the world of exquisite liqueur enjoyment with Gayuma Liqueur - Lychee & Lemongrass. This exceptional liqueur, which highlights the essential flavors of the lychee fruit, has received wide recognition at the prestigious SIP Awards International Spirit competition in California, USA. Not only was he awarded the gold medal in 2021, but he also received the coveted platinum medal in 2023. These awards confirm the outstanding quality of Gayuma liqueur, which has prevailed in one of the world's only internationally recognized competitions in which consumers rate the spirits.

Perfect craftsmanship and natural ingredients

Gayuma Liqueur is a masterpiece of craftsmanship precision, produced in small series to guarantee the highest quality and unique flavors. The basis for this seductive liqueur is the finest sugar cane from Agimat at Ugat Vodka, known for its purity and sweetness. This liqueur is enriched with a delicious blend of lychee , lemongrass and a specially vacuum-distilled smoke distillate that gives it an incomparable depth.

The art of flavors in Gayuma liqueur

The Lychee Liqueur from Gayuma offers a taste experience that is second to none. The sweet and floral notes of lychee harmonize perfectly with the fresh, citrusy lemongrass, while the smoke distillate introduces a subtle complexity that makes the liqueur special. This composition makes the Gayuma liqueur ideal for mixing cocktails or for pure enjoyment "on the rocks", where its fine nuances come into their own.

Versatility and enjoyment

Gayuma Liqueur is not only an award-winning liqueur, but also a versatile companion for many occasions. Whether you want to enjoy it neat to fully enjoy its subtle flavors or use it as a base for innovative cocktails, Gayuma Liqueur is always an excellent choice. It is perfect for a relaxed evening at home or as a sophisticated ingredient in the cocktail bar.

Sustainability and beauty in harmony

A commitment to sustainability is a central part of Gayuma's philosophy. The liqueur uses only natural products to achieve its characteristic, beautiful pink color. These natural colors, enhanced by the vibrant color of lychee , are not only an environmentally friendly alternative but also have a positive impact on your health. However, it is important to note that these natural colors may fade over time, especially if the liqueur is exposed to direct sunlight.

Invitation to enjoy

Experience the incomparable Gayuma Liqueur - Lychee & Lemongrass and discover why it was so highly praised at the SIP Awards. Order now and immerse yourself in the world of Gayuma, where every drop reflects the passion and craft of our master distillers. Enjoy the liqueur that enchants your senses and takes you on a taste journey that you won't soon forget.

Volume: 700 ml | Alcohol content: 20%

The product is only sold to people over 18 years old.

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SIP Awards Platinum 2019
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